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Born in 1996 just outside of Toronto Canada, Jamie Bekyarovich is an up and coming musician currently working and playing out of both Hamilton and Brampton Ontario. With a variety of different musical tastes, interests, and experiences, Jamie enjoys creating and fusing different sounds and styles into his original music. Incorporating a predominately hard rock and metal sound, including features such as; heavily distorted guitars, fat sounding riffs, and angry guitar solos, often with jazz, funk, blues, and classical idiosyncrasies, Jamie’s original music tends to have a “Rock n’ Roll” sound, with a more contemporary vision.

Since he began playing the guitar Jamie has always had a strong secondary passion for music production and audio recording. Having recorded, mixed, and occasionally mastered demos for his own bands, local musicians, and other small studio owners, Jamie gained a vast amount of experience at a very young age. He improved his skills further by taking on a second job as head audio engineer in the studio belonging to a music school he taught at, he then pursed post-secondary music production, technology, and media scoring electives during his time in the Applied Contemporary Music program at Mohawk College. Today Jamie continues to produce demos and EP’s for other up and coming local talent, and is constantly working towards refining and studying his craft.

Bekyarovich is currently at work with two close collaborators of his, Zakk Benn and Tim Houghton, on a new original project hitting the scene as early as this Summer. The 3 individuals built a strong playing chemistry during their constant collaborations while in college and are now looking to streamline that musical chemistry into a touring and recording band.

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Jamie Bekyarovich

Axe / Vox


Zakk Benn

Bass / Lead Vox

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Tim Houghton


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